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Bhang Chocolate

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240mg Bars:
Caramel Mocha- Espresso Milk Chocolate Bars
Parisian Espresso- Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar with just a hint of citrus
Blueberry- Dark Chocolate Bar with Blueberries

180mg Bars:
Ice- Peppermint Milk Chocolate
Cookies & Cream- White Chocolate
Fire- Orange and a Bit of Spice
Cherries & Cream- Milk Chocolate
The Bite- Truffle

120mg Bars:
Pretzel- Pretzel Chocolate with Peanut Butter Goodness
Milk- Milk Chocolate
Dark- Dark Chocolate
Toffee- Toffee Chocolate with Smoked Sea Salt

60mg Bar:
Dark Chocolate 60mg

Bhang Chocolate

120mg CBD 50/50, 120mg Dark, 120mg Milk, 120mg Pretzel, 120mg Toffee, 180mg Cherries and Cream, 180mg Cookies and Cream, 180mg Fire, 180mg Ice, 180mg The Bite, 240mg Blueberry, 240mg Caramel Mocha, 240mg Parisian Espresso, 60mg Dark, Mini- Cherry 45mg, Mini- Cookies and Cream 45mg, Mini- Dark 15mg, Mini- Fire 45mg, Mini- Ice 45mg, Mini- Milk 30mg, Mini- Toffee 30mg


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