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Each Trokie provides 4 doses

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The proper way to administer the Trokie™ is to take your dose and place it between your upper gum and cheek, optimizing slow dissolution. If you allow the Trokie™ to slowly dissolve entirely in your mouth without creating a lot of saliva, it could take 30 -45 minutes to completely dissolve.

For maximum absorption, try not to swallow saliva for 5 minutes or longer. This will optimize the bioavailability and the duration of action of your Trokie™ dose.

When using the you can expect to experience a slight numbing, tingling, or light burning; and a dry or astringent feel. This is usual for any THC/CBD concentrate, extract or cannabis juice. You may feel the onset of action in as little as 5 minutes, but wait for at least an hour before dosing again.

As the Trokie™ absorbs expect to experience a slight numbing, tingling and/or a dry mouth.


CBD Hemp Oil with Melatonin- 50mg, CBD Hemp Oil- 50mg, CBD:THC 1:1- 40mg, Hybrid 60 THC: 4 CBD- 64mg, THC Indica- 120mg, THC Sativa- 120mg


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